Edith Pawlicki

realistic characters, fantastical settings


Paperback cover of Trials of Fire and Rebirth. A man dressed in black robes holds a fire sword and another person smiles while petting a dog. Kindle cover of Trials of Fire and Rebirth. A red and black ink butterfly with a person meditating at its center, on a teal cover.

Trials of Fire and Rebirth

Tale Three of Immortal Beings

"A vibrant, elucidating LGBTQ+ fantasy." -Kirkus (Starred Review)

An immortal who can’t remember the past and a god who wants to forget it…

An Ning wakes in a male body with no memories. When she uses her immortal magic to feed refugees, they worship her as a god and call her Peace Bringer. Yet peace eludes An Ning.

Karana hates being the God of Destruction. He would happily abandon his role and leave ruling the universe to his relatives. Unfortunately, those relatives are insisting he deals with the Cult of Alag Karana and its new tendency to burn women alive.

When the cult leads Karana to An Ning’s village, he realizes his regrets are tied to An Ning’s mysteries.

But even if they face their dark history, can they build a brighter future?

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