A Duchess' Legacy

Once Upon a Season


I started this book as a college freshman, back in 2008. I finished it the year after college, while I was teaching abroad, and, with a mix of dread and hope, shared it with my mother, sister, aunt, and boyfriend (now husband). They all loved it and were very supportive, but after I queried several agents, I decided that maybe the world didn’t need another governess-duke regency romance. It was supposed to be the first of five or six books in a family series about the various grandchildren of the (fictional) Duchess of Ashford, but I abandoned the sequels in various states of drafting/outlining when I failed to interest an agent in this one. In 2018, I played with the idea of self-publishing the book and sent it to a developmental editor to see what they thought.


They did say some nice things, but overall I was convinced that it was a mess of a book that needed heavy rewriting, and I moved on to a new project instead—that was Minerva, my first published novel.

I had wanted for some time now to gift a free book or novella to my newsletter subscribers, but where was I to find the time to write a book that I was comfortable sharing but didn’t want to publish and market? And suddenly I realized that Once Upon a Season fit that description. If you’ve made it this far, thank you! And if you want more of the Duchess’ Legacy regency romances, do let me know!

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